About Fab8book

Fab8book is a family-oriented social network with online self-improvement books centered around the Art of Life Book Series© — interactive eBooks that provides lighthearted “Personal User Manuals” for individuals from age 2 to 92. Kids books are User Manual Storybooks for Parents and/or Guardians.

About William Nona

Architect, Life Coach, Author and Scholar

• William Nona is a true Renaissance Man; along with his Life Coaching and Writing skills, he is an accomplished International Architect.

• An Architect is a problem solver who redirects client goals into realistic resolutions.

• A Life Coach is an advocate who challenges others to draw out their potential.

• A Writer is someone that memorializes these traits on paper.

• As an Architect and planner, William has designed many complex commercial, industrial, residential and hospitality projects.

• As a Life Coach, for more than thirty years, William has helped many experience a way of life on a level that is more than they imagined possible.

• As a Writer, William has authored novels and written screenplays.

• Over the years, he discovered a Secret that empowers individuals to learn without teaching; to explore by curiosity and become more than they are using a lighthearted technique.

• Why did William create The Art of Life Book Series? To answer a challenge and to show the Secret is an extraordinary experience that can be enjoyed by all.