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Fab8book’s Exclusive Membership is a community of people who have demonstrated that they are ready to become more than they currently are. It’s a place where members can discuss their journey with like-minded peers and be inspired to keep moving forward.

The Fab8book Exclusive Membership is automatically included with the purchase of one of The Art of Life Book Series©. Inside the Exclusive Membership, you’ll find a vibrant and active community of people who are walking a similar journey to your own. Post messages, ask questions, give and receive encouragement from other Fab8book members: it’s all waiting for you once you join the Exclusive Membership.

Exclusive Membership has a distinct level of access:

  1. Exclusive Membership has access to a Community Message Board where they can send and receive messages from like-minded people of all age and gender categories.

Unparalleled Insight From Life Coach and Author William Nona

Truly life changing self help eBooks are hard to come by. Most read like a textbook, or are packed with platitudes you’ve heard a million times before. The Art of Life Book Series© is a watershed moment in the evolution of personal development writing. Full of unique insights, profound acuities, and tangible tips to help you navigate your life. This is the self-esteem boosting self help book series you’ve been waiting for.

The Art of Life Book Series©

The Art of Life Book Series© is the best eBook series for self-esteem, confidence, anxiety reduction, and self-actualization that you’re likely to come across. Author and life coach William Nona has spent years exhaustively researching and creating these life-changing self help eBooks for people interested in becoming more than they currently are.

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