Girls Becoming Women


“YA”, or “young adult” books for teens are everywhere. Yet, the vast majority of books aimed at adolescent girls are works of fiction. When you think of the best YA books for girls, you don’t typically think of literature aimed at helping teens reach their potential and deal with the unique challenges that come along with this time of life. Truly, the best ebooks for teen girls are the ones that leave a substantially positive impact on their reader long after the book is finished.

Enter; The Art of Life Book Series, “A Personal User Manual and Transitions Workbook for Girls Becoming Women”. It’s a lighthearted book that amuses while it enlightens, helping adolescent girls understand the changing world around them, and equipping them with healthy, positive mental paradigms that set them up for future success in their lives.

Our Transitions Workbook for Girls Becoming Women is the result of significant research and conceptualization by author William Nona, resulting in a triumphant self-help eBook for girls, young female teens, and all adolescent young women. Self-help books for YA Girls are the most difficult to write because of the totally complex nature of today’s teen girls. Most online eBooks for girls, age 16-17 and 18 speak “down” to their reader and underestimate the intelligence of the young women that make up their audience. The Art of Life offers a different option; a fun and engaging workbook to navigate adolescence that respects the reader — resulting in a message that will resonate positive results.